It’s our responsibility to work honestly with our clients and advise them on what is in their best interest. We take pride in ranking amongst the best exterior detailers in the city. From initial inspection to delivery, every detail is thoroughly looked after. We have the knowledge & experience to tackle the toughest contaminants while maintaining the safety of your investment. Choose quality, choose premium, choose Cedar.

Premium Package

Sedan/Coupe: FROM $110

Mid-Size SUV/Truck: FROM $130

Large SUV/Minivan: FROM $140

Duration: 8 Hours Minimum

Foam Canon Wash

Hand Wash & Hand Dry

Exterior Windows Cleaned

Door Jams Cleaned & Dried

Air Dry

- Guarantee no water streaking from cracks and crevices

Rims/Wheels & wheel wells Detailed

Tire Dressing

- water based dressing

Single Coat Application of Synthetic Sealant

- Synthetic Sealants offer 4-6 months of protection

 Pricing May Vary Due to Size & Condition of the Vehicle


Decon. Package

starting FROM $140

Duration: 3.5 Hours Minimum

Cedar’s “Decon. Package” service is a 3 step paint decontamination method professionally used to decontaminate automotive paint from environmental contaminants such as:


Acid Rain

Tree Sap

Bird Droppings


Road Grit

Industrial fallout or "rail dust"

Alkaline wash - removes oils, silicones, waxes and neutralize acids from acid rain, bird droppings etc.

Acidic wash - dissolves and removes ferrous particles (i.e; Industrial fallout)

Neutral pH wash & paint clay bar treatment if necessary to prepare for coating applications.

 Pricing May Vary Due to Size & Condition of the Vehicle

Physical Decontamination Representation

Work Samples